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Shearwater Catamaran 2017 Results


61st Shearwater National Championships at Stone Sailing Club

21 Shearwater Catamarans took part in the 61st National Championships. Held at Stone Sailing Club, from 9th to 12th of August. Moderate conditions were enjoyed throughout the competition, the predominantly South Westerly wind direction providing fresh breezes and sunshine. Nigel and Sarah Stuart on “Crowns”, established an early lead after winning the first three races, then battled hard to defend their advantage in the remaining 7 Races. Consistent top four positions in the remainder of the competition, affording them the Championship Title.

The fact that Racing through out the competition was close, is manifest in the 1 point advantage Crowns had over second placed boat, Jamie Gibbons and Zac Elliot on “So Tango”. The time elapsed between the first and last boat was rarely more than 5 minutes, in any of Races.

This Championships so the likes of Matt Wiseman and Lilly Share on “Canned and Unable, Alex Wilcox and Ben Asplin on “Foreigner , and Tayla Playford and Rob Hamilton on “China Crisis” to assert their authority on the Race Track. Canned and Unable collecting their first Championship win, and numerous top 5 results.

The Championships also marked the return of of previous National Champions, to the Shearwater Catamaran Class. Mark Norman, sailing with Chloe Stuart, on a boat he had previously built, “Jesabel - 1994” (originally “DV8”). Sean O’Conner, sailing with Grace Williams, also on a boat Mark had previously built, “UFO - 2004”. Defending Champions, Shaun Allen and Holly Parker on “Carbon Footprint”, sporting a “Deck Sweeper” sail set up, could not replicate the performance of Mischa Heemskirk in the F18 World Championships. The standard of sailing from CROWNS, So Tango, and Ben Farnborough and Jenny Allen on “Genesis”, ably demonstrated the quality of Fleet racing in the Shearwater Fleet, as much as the optimisation of the original boats design.



1st - 2010 - Nigel Stuart & Sarah Stuart

2nd - 2009 - James Gibbons & Zac Elliot

3rd - 1990 - Ben Farnborough & Jenny Allen

4th - 1999 - Shaun Allen & Holly Parker

5th - 1987 - Matt Wiseman & Lily Share

6th - 2005 - Dion Allen & Anna Allen

7th - 2007 - Gregg Wilcox & Will Stuart

8th - 200 - Mark Norman & Chloe Stuart

9th - 2006 - Alan Howland & Rob Britton

10th - 1988 - Alex Wilcox & Ben Asplin

11th - 2008 - Catherine Tulley & Zac Clarke

12th - 1996 - Roger Crooks & Holly Brady

13th - 1989 - Louise Curry & Nick Winran

14th - 2002 - Tayla Playford & Rob Hamilton

15th - 2004 - Sean O’Connor & Grace Williams

16th - 1976 - Sam Vaughan & Erika Norman

17th - 2001 - Richard Hill & Gary Hill

18th - 2003 - Neil Connelly & Trevor Bawden

19th - 1984 - Oliver Bossey & Harry Clarke

20th - 1993 - Dave Boosy & Dylan Wells

21st - 1985 - Judy Ross & Douglas Hayward


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